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Letitia Quagigant Tademy
Shoshone-Bannock Tribal Elder, Letitia Quagigant Tademy, age 73, walked on the early morning of Tuesday, March 10, 2015 at home in Salt Lake City, Utah as the result of illness related to acute metabolic complications of diabetes.
Letitia was born on Wednesday, October 9, 1943 to Lee Quagigant and Addie Wahtomy at the St. Anthony Hospital in Pocatello, Idaho.  She was affectionately called: “Mom, Grandma, Sister (Buzee), Auntie or Friend.” As a child she resided in the Buffalo Lodge District with her parents and younger siblings: Brother, Martel Owen Quagigant, sister, Eleanor Quagigant, youngest brother, DeLoyd Boyd Wahtomy. Letitia’s maternal grandparents are Frank Wahtomy and Alma Bearskin.  Her paternal grandparents are Frank Sunshine Quagigant and Ida Pahneeno.
As a youth Letitia enjoyed being in the company of her many cousins that were her sisters and brothers, especially during the summer when school was out.  The best time was swimming in the irrigation ditches near her home.  As a teenager she started to be selective and hung out with her sisters/cousins Phillis and Harriett, scheming on how to get “out of the house,” to get to a more exciting place.  Often the sisters would ride horses together, then the horse would return home without the rider and so many times they made it, “out of the house.”
Letitia attended schools at Tyhee Elementary School, Hawthorne Jr. High and Pocatello Senior High School.  This is where she met the love of her life at that time, upper classman Wilbert Tademy III.  The young couple married and the union brought to our families: a daughter Faith Loita Tademy, who walked on January 27, 1965, a daughter Misty Jo Tademy of Columbus, Ohio, known as “Misty,” a son Wilbur Tademy Jr. known as “Mark” and son Blake Christopher Tademy known as “Chris,” both of Salt Lake City, Utah.  The relationship ended and as a result Letitia and Wilbert divorced.  Wilbert and Letitia kept in touch in the later years and shared a mutual relationship that benefited their children and their families.  Letitia was blessed with her youngest son, Aaron Jason Azike known as “AJ,” of Salt Lake City, Utah.  As a single mother, Letitia provided the best she could for all her children especially her son’s that resided with her. 
Letitia has five grandchildren; Kadajah Jackson, Faith Tademy, Savon Lobato Tademy, Kianna Tademy, Nalisa Tademy and two great grandchildren, Faiths’ children Priseilla, and Xavier.  She loved, cared and enjoyed all her children and grandchildren who will truly miss her.
Education in every form was a great matter of importance to Letitia.  The continuation of her education took her to several locations, which she resided in for the term of studies.  Seattle, Washington was one, but mainly the cities located near and around Salt Lake City, Utah.  The Salt Lake Community College was her last place of studies.  She always encouraged and told her children and grandchildren, near and far, to continue their education.
Letitia’s favorite past time was to get on “Le Bus” for a road trip to Wendover, Nevada casinos to play the slot machines and cards at the 21 tables.  She would be playing machines right up to the door as she was leaving to return home on the bus.  Shopping was another favorite activity.  She could spend her whole day shopping at the many stores she called “My Store.” When a family member or friend from Fort Hall visited her, they were treated to lunch or dinner at her favorite Chinese restaurant.  Her long time and true friend Bonnie Edmo Ish, whom she loved as a sister visited her often.  She had lifelong friends such as Frances Diaz and many from the surrounding area of Salt Lake.
Letitia was an active member of International Pentecostal Church where she was the coordinator for the Elders Group on behalf of her church.  Letitia is from the family line of one of our Tribes Sundance leaders, her paternal grandfather, the late Frank Sunshine Quagigant and his daughter, the late Gloria Sunshine Quagigant Dunn, Letitia’s aunt.  Letitia always supported her Aunt Gloria emotionally and spiritually.  Whenever Letitia would return home to Fort Hall to do personal business, she never missed a chance to stop by and visit her Aunt Gloria to get caught up on family news.  She was usually in the company of her dear and longtime friend Bonnie Edmo Ish. 
Preceding Letitia in death is her daughter Faith, her parents, her older brother, Dennis who walked on at the age of 4 years old.  Younger brothers Martel who walked on at 52 years old and DeLoyd who walked on at 12 years old and older sisters, Arlinda who walked on at 2 weeks old, Ilene who walked on as an infant, younger sister, Eleanor who walked on at 14 years of age, both maternal and paternal grandparents, all of her uncles and aunts, nine first cousins, (sisters/brothers) of the Quagigant family line.   
Letitia is survived by one daughter Misty, three sons; Mark, Chris, and AJ, five   grandchildren: Kadajah, Savon, Kianna, Faith, Nalisa, and two great grandchildren; Priseilla and Xavier.  Her late brother Martel’s daughter, Paulette Quagigant; Paulette’s children: Alyssa Eagle and Evan Eagle and four grandchildren.  Martel’s granddaughter Constance (Connie) Eagle and her significant other Steven Moose and their two sons Martel and Ryan Moose.  Letitia survivors include the late Sadie Quagigant George’s family especially, her Aunt Edith George Uribe & family and the family members of the Wahtomy, Bearskin, Sunshine Quagigant, Pahneeno and Evening families and descendants. 
Traditional wake and viewing for Latitia Quagigant Tademy was at the home of her sister/cousin’s home Vivian Wahtomy at the intersection of Siler and Ellsworth Roads in Fort Hall, Idaho starting Friday afternoon, March 13, 2015.  Letitia’s body was at Vivian’s residence until 10 a.m. on Sunday, March 15, 2015 when she was transported to the Tribal Sand Hill Cemetery for final interment. 
The sons of the late Letitia Quagigant Tademy will be having a Celebration of Life for family and friends unable to attend her Tribal Traditional funeral services on Saturday afternoon at the Indian Walk in Center on March 21, 2015 in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Jared “Junie” Tarness Jr.
FORT HALL — Jared "Junie" Daniel Tarness Jr. passed away March 5, 2015, at the Portnuef Medical Center in Pocatello, Idaho.
He was born to the late Jared Daniel Tarness, Sr., and Laura "Odie" Edmo on April 19, 1965. He attended schools in Idaho and Oregon, and has lived in Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, and Utah.
He worked at various jobs, mostly doing labor. He enjoyed sharing his time with his children and a grandson. His favorite pastime was joking around, laughing, outdoors, cruising around, doing crossword puzzles, playing video games, reading books and newspapers, watching old movies, and watching basketball games at Timbee Hall and Sho-Ban School, along with going to the casino and just being with friends.
Junie was a very caring person, helping as much as he could when people needed help.
He is survived by his mother, Odie, children, Kea and Jared III, Tarness, of Fort Duchesne, Utah, Daniel and Latreese Tarness of Fort Hall, Idaho; siblings Paula and Richard (Arlene Oldman) Tarness, Uncles Rickie "Popcorn" and Robert "Bob" Edmo, Allen Tindore, of Fort Hall, Aunts Norma Osborne and Christine Edmo of Fort Hall, favorite nephews Paul (Jeanna Reed) Tarness, Avery Galloway, favorite niece Elle Appenay, and favorite sister Janelle Edmo, and many other relatives from Idaho, Wyoming and Nevada.
He was preceded in death by his father, maternal grandparents Leonard U., Edmo Sr. and Faye Tindore Edmo, paternal grandparents, Willie and Nettie Timbana Tarness, great grandparents Jack "Quebo” and Lizzie Randall Edmo, Robert and Minnie Burton Tindore, brother Thomas James Cossel and several infants brothers and sisters, Uncles, Leonard U. Jr., Leroy, Bernie, and Shirley Edmo, Cousins Carmen, Telly and Tracy Edmo.
He was taken to his mother’s residence at 1082 Tipi St., in Fort Hall on March 7 , 2015, traditional services were on Sunday, March 8. Sunrise service was on March 9. He was taken to the Episcopal Church where services were held March 9, 2015 and then to the Cedars Cemetery where he was laid to rest by his grandmother Faye. (that was his wish).













Saturday, 21 March, 2015



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