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Non-member fishermen line up to buy permits

Sho-Ban News
FORT HALL – A long line extended from the Fish & Wildlife office on Friday, April 11 where non-member fishing permits were being sold.
Selling started at 8 a.m. but early birds set up lawn chairs and some parked their RV’s to be there early enough to lineup. The cost for the permits was $250 and the first 25 seniors 65 years and older got them for $100.
Sales on daily permits started on Monday and are sold at the office and the Shoshone-Bannock Hotel & Event Center.
This year over 200 season and around 200 daily permits will be sold.



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MSB Taylor Thomas highlights Traditional 49 as talent for MIW pageant

Sho-Ban News
FORT HALL — Almost every Miss Shoshone-Bannock has competed in the Miss Indian World Competition, the largest cultural pageant for young indigenous women. Contestants are judged on public speaking abilities, personal interview, traditional presentation, dance, and essay competition.
And with the days counting down, Taylor Thomas decided to invite the community to a Talent Show Preview Night at the Sho-Ban Jr./ Sr. High School Cafeteria, April 9.


Eastern Shoshone Business Council expects to have quorum after election

Sho-Ban News
FORT WASHAKIE, Wyo. — The Eastern Shoshone Business Council (SBC) expects to have a quorum after a special election April 15 for a vacant position and the candidate is sworn into office April 16 said Chairman Darwin St.Clair Jr.
The election is to fill the vacancy created after the passing of SBC member Harrison Bunny Shoyo Jr. St. Clair said the lone candidate is Clint Wagon. Tribal election board members were also scheduled to be on the ballot but no one applied so write in candidates will be considered.
The SBC has been without a quorum since April 5 when the Shoshone General Council (SGC) voted to remove council members Wes Martel and Ivan Posey. They also voted to remove attorney general Kimberly Varileck.
St.Clair said he sent a letter to Eastern Shoshone tribal members April 10 that explained his understanding of the chairman’s authority. The SBC consists of six members and four members are required to conduct official business. Pursuant to SGC resolution, council members can be sanctioned and fined for acting outside of their authority.
St.Clair said concerning the settlement the Eastern Shoshones are receiving from the federal government for the mismanagement of oil and gas, along with sand and gravel, the process involves verifying enrollment numbers, Individual Indian Money accounts and authorizing the final disbursement of funds. The verification involves several tribal offices with the final approval through the tribal council then turned over to the federal government. He said since the SGC didn’t grant the three remaining council members to act on behalf of the tribe, nor did they authorize the BIA authority to act on behalf of the tribe, the ability to complete the final process of the settlement disbursement was stalled.
Once a quorum is achieved, he said then the SBC will approve the settlement distribution, an amount and timeline for payment.
St.Clair said his authority as chairman only exists through a quorum vote and he doesn’t have any independent authority granted for him to act alone or make decisions on behalf of the Eastern Shoshone Tribe. As council members, each has the right and ability to vice opinions and vote independently. However, a majority vote rules and at times, despite his vote as chairman, he is required to in the capacity to sign off on the resolution or action. He also said he doesn’t have veto power adding the majority vote rules all SBC actions.
The SBC has received a petition to restore the two council members and Varileck but they were unable to consider them until a quorum is reached.
Wade LeBeau, Eastern Shoshone tribal member in support of the removal, said they need to get people to oppose the vote otherwise it goes back to how it was.
St.Clair said he’s disheartened to hear and see the animosity of tribal members towards one another and the division of their people and families. He encouraged the actions to stop and strive to be more accepting of their difference to help their tribe progress forward in a positive manner through mutual respect of each other and opinions.

Primary Election Results for

March 28, 2014

Friday, 18 April, 2014


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Court of Appeals rules in favor of SBT's against FMC corp.

Sho-Ban News
FORT HALL — The Shoshone-Bannock Tribes Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes April 15 in a trial against the FMC Corporation.
The three tribal appellate judges Peter D. McDermott, Vern E. Herzog Jr. and John Traylor unanimously ruled the activity at the FMC site and the site itself have created a significant “threat or has some direct effect on the political integrity, the economic security or the health or welfare of the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes” and the impact has occurred. The judges ruled the threat exists today and will likely exist for the foreseeable future. The decision also awarded the Tribes attorney fees.



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