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Idaho Golden Gloves President Rob Chavez (second from left) presented Kilburn Buckskin with the official letter on November 18 before local boxers.

Idaho Golden Gloves Hall of Fame inducts Buckskin

POCATELLO — Shoshone-Bannock tribal member Kilburn Buckskin was officially notified he’s being inducted into the inaugural Idaho Golden Gloves Hall of Fame Class of 2015 on December 18 at the Bannock County Memorial Building.
Rob Chavez, Idaho Golden Gloves president, delivered the official letter to Buckskin November 18 in Fort Hall. The letter reads, “The coaches, boxers and officials greatly appreciate your many years of participation, dedication and selfless service you have given to the sport of Amateur Boxing and the Idaho Golden Gloves.”
Idaho is the fifth state in the country to have a Golden Gloves Hall of Fame. “It is with great honor to have you as one of the first members selected,” the letter says.
Kilburn has been a part of boxing for 43 years in Fort Hall as he works diligently and  faithfully coaching his sons, nephews, grandchildren, great grandchildren and community at the Fort Hall Recreation Boxing Club.
He began his boxing career in 1972 at the Bannock Boys Boxing Club in Pocatello where he enrolled his two sons – the late El Nathaniel “Speedy” and Raiburn Buckskin, his nephews Doug Buckskin, Earl Buckskin and Randy Devinney with coach Dr. White.
In 1974, Kilburn transferred to the Fort Hall Boxing Club with coach Thomas “Buddy” Hugues. Coach Hugues was instrumental in mentoring Kilburn and was where he gained his most experience.
“I’d like to thank the following individuals for their continued support through my endeavors: Mike Sakelaris, Eddy Kniffin, Fort Hall Recreation program, coaches Tim Wadsworth and Raiburn Buckskin and all my family,” he said.
Many of the participants in the Fort Hall Boxing Club refer to Kilburn as not only Coach Buckskin but as “Grandpa.”
“It is truly an honor to become one of the first members selected as inductees for the Idaho Golden Gloves Hall of Fame,” Kilburn said. “This prestigious recognition award makes all the sacrifice of hours, miles traveled and years worth it in the end.”

Kilburn on the third from the left stands with his sons and nephews who are also coaches who continue on the boxing legacy.







Wednesday, 25 November, 2015



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