Clyde Duke Dixey taking about raising children with traditional knowledge. (Roselynn Wahtomy photo)

St. Parent's Day honors parents & caregivers

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FORT HALL – The St. “Parent’s” Day event took place at the Early Childhood Center on March 17 to honor parents, relative caregivers and role models for the sake of improving the future of Shoshone-Bannock children.
Different programs such as Tribal Child Support Services, EET/TANF 477, Consumer Services and Child Care and Early Intervention offered information on their services.
Attendance appeared to trickle in more during a lunch of stew, frybread and cake were served.
Elders Lionel Boyer and Clyde Duke Dixey shared insight on parenting practices today and emphasized the traditional and cultural aspect children were brought up with in the past.
Boyer shared that raising his own children with traditional values and teachings was something he and his wife aimed to do. Although he admitted they might have missed some things, as they grew over the years into independent, accomplished adults, he felt they were raised right.
“When we became parents we didn't have what you have today,” he told the crowd about technology in those days, which consisted at most of a nice radio.
The most important thing he stressed was parent’s loving their children.
Another thing he brought to the minds of parents was encouraging them to be leaders.
He described a leader as someone who not only cares for the family, but the community.
He stressed teaching children who they are and where they come from historically. Boyer said it was important the future generations grow up knowing about the treaties, which brought the Tribes to the reservations.
“Show them and tell them why it’s important to be a member of the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes,” urged Boyer.
Dixey agreed there were many important things that should be done with the young children.
He explained how he helped initiate bring back the Old Style Shoshone-Bannock dancing to the community. Most recently he helped orchestrate the Male Regalia making class, which happens alongside the Shell Dress Making Class.
“It’s really important to acknowledge to our children where we come from. We need to teach kids and teach them right,” said Dixey. “If we show them the right way, in the long run it will pay off.”
Several door prizes were given away and items were meant to promote family activities. The grand prize was a Android Tablet, which was won by Jackie Wynn.



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St. Parent's Day honors parents & caregivers


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