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Thursday, 23 October, 2014

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Fort Hall Girls Club participants came out for the first ever Fright Night at Fort Hall Bottoms event on October 17. (Roselynn Wahtomy photo)

Youth seek thrills at Friday Fright Night

Sho-Ban News
FORT HALL – Fort Hall Recreation Girls & Boys Clubs looked for something new to do as an activity for this time of year and came up with the idea for Friday Fright Night at Fort Hall Bottoms.
The Boys Club will go this week on October 24. Sign ups are being taken at the Recreation office. Transportation will be provided and is leaving Timbee Hall at 5 p.m. and returning at 10 p.m. Participants are encouraged to bring a coat and chair.
The event is geared towards teen’s ages 12 to 15 years old, although the clubs are normally made up of youth seven years old and older.
When the girls went last Friday, the weather was perfect for a bonfire with chilidogs, smores and a movie under the stars.
Recreation program Supervisor Eddie Kniffin and Youth Activities Supervisor Tadraschell Murray brainstormed the idea and first considered doing a movie in town then thought it would be cool to show a movie in the mountains. However, due to hunting going on right now they thought this most fitting.
“We were just joking around and said let’s go down Bottoms, because of the trees and some of the stories these guys hear,” said Kniffin.
He said a few people were against it and suggested they didn’t have to have their kids come.
There were about 18 girls who came to the event.
As the girls gathered sticks to roast marshmallows on, they were asked why they decided to come, Roselynn said she decided to come because the idea sounded fun to her and scary.
Another girl said she decided to come because she thought it would be a good way to get out of the house and to enjoy the last few scenes of nature before winter.
Creeana wanted to come out because the idea sounded daring and scary.
Most of the evening was calm and the girls were cautioned by Tom Wadsworth from the Fish & Game Department to stay together and not wander into the dark because the unfamiliar landscape may confuse some.
Just before settling in to watch “The Conjuring” Murray sat the girls down and told them a story about why she was always told not to play in the dark. 
Murray said she didn’t want to bring little ones to the event because she didn’t want them to be terrorized.
The Boys & Girls Clubs coordinators try their best to be active year round, depending on other activities coinciding with the Recreation Program. They usually take turns rotating and not only host events like these, but also discuss and learn about important topics like hygiene or feelings.