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Above are Bannock County officialsat a press conference on Thursday, January 17. (Roselynn Wahtomy phot)

Police excavating for woman's body in Fort Hall

Sho-Ban News
FORT HALL — Law enforcement officials are searching for the body of Angelea Schultz in Fort Hall.
Fort Hall Police Chief Pat Teton said as of 2:30 p.m. Thursday, January 17, a body had not yet been found. Fort Hall Police, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Bannock and Bingham County officers are at the location.
Chief Teton said Boede Paul, the man killed in the shootout Wednesday night with Bannock County Sheriff’s officers, showed the officers the vicinity in Fort Hall where she was buried before driving south to Reservation Road off the Fort Hall Indian Reservation where the standoff occurred. Community members observed county sheriff’s vehicles in Fort Hall around 12:45 p.m.
Paul, 25, a white male was reportedly an employee of a contractor on a water improvement project in Fort Hall.
At a press conference in Pocatello on Thursday morning, law enforcement officials said Paul had
no previous criminal history and was the boyfriend of the missing Pocatello woman Angelea Shultz.
Pocatello Chief of Police Scott Marshand, Prosecutor Stephen Herzog, Bannock County Sheriff Lorin Nielsen and Bingham County Sheriff Craig Rowland were all present at the press conference.
Chief Nielsen stated the incident started with Paul contacting the Bannock County authorities reporting he had evidence and information vital to the whereabouts of the missing woman. He later confessed to killing Shultz and indicated where he had committed the crime and buried the body.
It was discovered he was armed with a gun at approximately 1:20 p.m. as he sat in a red truck.
The Southeast Idaho Star Team along with negotiators and detectives were called out to have contact with Paul and were able to get him to exit his vehicle several times within the more than six-hour standoff.
The last time he came out he allegedly fired at officers and they returned the fire. It was reported nine officers fired their weapons; eight of them were from Bannock County and one was from Bingham County. Due to protocol those officers are relieved of duty until they are cleared to come back to work.
A protocol signed a few years ago between all law enforcement agencies in Eastern Idaho, which call for the agency involved will appoint an agency not connected with the investigation. This time because of the nature of the case, Pocatello Police Chief Scott Marshand has been asked to be the lead investigating agency that will work with the team and be in charge of the investigation from here on out.
Marshand said it is an active investigation and they want to be able to work it and do it right. All facts, statements, interviews and evidence will be compiled and delivered to the prosecutor’s office to make any determination they need to make.
The Bannock County Prosecutor’s office will be the liaison passing the investigation file to either Ada or Twin Falls County.
The Tri-County Sheriffs Association was also called out, there are three officers coming from Bonneville, Fremont and Clark County who will be there in the afternoon to conduct an internal investigation. This will be a separate investigation outside of the critical incident one. Which will be turned over to Nielsen regarding how the officers handled the situation and if there were any problems or anything the Sheriff or Prosecutor would need to know.
Sheriff Nielsen emphasized when an officer involved shooting occurs the purpose of having the investigations done from outside agencies is to be transparent.
“The public trust is very important to all of us,” said Nielsen.
Rowland reported the Bingham County Sheriff’s Office has two officers on the STAR team; they are helping Bannock County at the dig site trying to find the body of the young woman.
The investigation surrounding the missing person, Angelea Shultz is ongoing. Until evidence is found that indicates what Paul was stating is true they will continue to investigate.
“We have asked Fort Hall and Bingham County, because they are familiar with this area to be able to assist us in excavating the area where it was pointed out to us,” said Nielsen.  Adding they would not divulge the location for obvious reasons.
Several of the roads will continue to remain closed and Nielsen asked for the public’s patience.
“Please understand we have had a life taken and we want to make sure that everything was done properly,” said Nielsen.
Nielsen said the investigation is still ongoing and noted they will be dealing in facts, referring to recent speculation on social media sites.
Sheriff Nielsen said there is a stigma that officers high five each other when somebody gets shot. In his 34 years of law enforcement he has not seen that happen and that they became people officers to protect people.
Regarding the negative comments related to Fort Hall and their concern over improper notification Nielsen said the Fort Hall Police Department has been cooperative with them and assisting with them 100 percent.
“They have been a partner in this all the way through. I know there have been some statements to the contrary but working with the Chief (Teton) today that’s not the case that we were aware of,” said Nielsen.
Nielsen said the FHPD had officers securing one of the scenes all night long.
“I know that there’s been some rumors to that effect but they certainly didn’t come from what I observed and what I was involved in out at the scene,” he said.


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