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Friday, 27 February, 2015

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Sho-Ban's Braxton Johnson takes posession of the ball against Rockland on February 24.

Sho-Ban Chiefs District playoffs end with loss to Rockland

Sho-Ban News
FIRTH — The Sho-Ban Chiefs 1A Division II 5-6 District playoffs ended February 24 with a 65 to 46 loss to the Rockland Bulldogs.
Rockland started off with a 10 to 0 run and never looked back. The Chiefs made a run in the fourth quarter but it was too late.
Sho-Ban Coach Jeff Barfuss said the defense was there but the offense wasn’t. They had specific plays set up to play against a 3-2 but they didn’t run them. “It hurts the team when players aren’t paying attention – hard to put things and run it.”
In addition, injuries were plaguing the team. Chaylen Perdash hurt his knee in the game against Clark County while Braxton Johnson’s arm continued to bother him that was hurt in the final game of the season against Rockland. Kilee Bache also had an injured knee. “We weren’t healthy at the right time,” he said.
However, Barfuss said every kid had highlights and low times during the season. Considering Sho-Ban had mostly sophomores and junior players compared to mostly seniors playing for Rockland, Mackay and North Gem, the team did well finishing third in the district.
“Next year, if we keep the same group together, we will have a heck of a ball team,” he continued.
Braxton Johnson scored 26 points for Sho-Ban. Ethan Tendore had 10 points; Chaylen Perdash 6 points; Kilee Bache 3 points; Kiel Sabori 2 points. J.J. Larkin, John Osborne, Sinjin Reyes, Sterling Farmer, Lane Sequints, Keenan Tendoy and Dallon Yokoyama didn’t score.
For Rockland, Rex Permann scored 18 points. Spencer Permann 14 points; BJay Turley 13 points; Mitch Mingo 7 points; Tyler Rupe 5 points; Zach Freeman 4 points; Nick Mingo and Justin Robinson each had 2 points. Trevor Lee, Travis Robinson, Skyler Smith, Brendan Tomkinson and Jordan Lowder didn’t score.
Sho-Ban 45, Clark County 23.
A last second shot from Sho-Ban player Chaylen Perdash kept the Sho-Ban Chiefs alive in the 5-6 District playoffs February 21 defeating the Clark County Bobcats 45 to 43.
The game was close throughout with each team going bucket for bucket. Clark County was up 16 to 14 at the end of the first quarter. Sho-Ban guard Braxton Johnson was called for his third foul halfway through the second quarter. The Bobcats took advantage and were up 28 to 21 at halftime. The Chiefs never gave up and fired back in the third quarter with the game tied 46 seconds in the third quarter. The fourth quarter was back and forth with the game tied many times in the closing seconds.
Sho-Ban Coach Jeff Barfuss said Chaylen needed to realize he can drive the ball on anybody, “It was good enough to get the win and that’s all we can be thankful for today – we lived to fight another day and that’s what we were hoping for.”
“It wasn’t pretty but they got the job done,” Barfuss continued. He told the boys at halftime they had to play as a team and they played a lot better defense in the second half. “The offense wasn’t really there but the defense was,” he said.
Chaylen Perdash had 15 points in the game followed by Braxton Johnson with 11. Ethan Tendore added 9 points; Kilee Bache 5 points. John Osborne 3 points. Kiel Sabori 2 points. J.J. Larkin, Sterling Farmer, Dallon Yokoyama, Keenan Tendoy and Sinjin Reyes didn’t score.
Tyree Laird scored 14 points for the Bobcats. Jake Mickelsen and Tresten Eddins each scored 9 points; Payton Shenton 7 points; Landan May had 4 points; Rhett Egan, Jorge Chavez, Conner Grover, Fernando Espinosa, Zane Stewart, Joey Staker, Kobe Korrell and Ty Parton didn’t score.
Sho-Ban 94, North Gem 85
Coach Barfuss said the kids played really hard in the win over North Gem. “When we play offense like that and defense really, we’re hard to beat.”
He said North Gem is a good team as they have two big guys that Sho-Ban has a tough time stopping. The coach said he was pleased with John Osborne’s play because it was his birthday. J.J. Larkin had a good fourth quarter scoring 12 points. Kilee Bache was unable to play because of a hurt knee.
Braxton Johnson sank 37 points for Sho-Ban. Chaylen Perdash added 20 points; J.J. Larkin 12 points; Ethan Tendore 10 points; Kiel Sabori 6 points; Sinjin Reyes and Lane Sequints each scored 2 points. Dallon Yokoyama, Sterling Farmer and Keenan Tendoy didn’t score.
For North Gem Jay Sievers had 25 points; Karson Lloyd 17 points; Tucker Lish 14 points; Colby Hatch 10 points; Walker Davids 9 points; Stele Parker 2 points. Brayden Jensen, Nathan Christensen, Tristin Hatch, Bridger Jensen, Tyler Perkins, Brandon Lloyd and Jacob Lish didn’t score.


Maka Concrete with championship jackets at Timbee Hall. (Joseph Wadsworth photo)

Maka Concrete repeat at 30 plus champs

FORT HALL – Maka Concrete is the returning champions of the Men’s Open 30 Plus Tourney. They defeated the Has Been’s team with a 92 to 61 victory February 21.
Maka came out playing strong from the start scoring 44 points in the first half and holding the Has Been’s to 22. Maka players Mike and Mick both had three’s in the third quarter, contributing to Maka’s 63 point score. The Has Been’s Ty had two three pointers and Kevin had one but their teams overall score was only 44. Maka continued to powerhouse the court in the fourth putting in 29 points and Has Been’s sunk 17 points.
The Porter Hauling team took third place.
A total of 18 teams competed in the tournament over the weekend, February 20-21.
Matt Stucki from Maka Concrete was named MVP, who had a total of 23 points throughout the final game.
All-Star players recognized were Lamar Spoonhunter from Soncho Plumbing; Kirk Hessing from Porter Hauling; Ty Church from Has Been’s; Kevin Baker from Has Been’s and Logan Kinghorn from Maka Concrete.


Kylie Coby (fifth from left) and Willow Kipp (fourth from right). (Submitted photo)

Coby & Kipp play for SKC Lady Bison

Sho-Ban News
PABLO, Mont. – Local girls, Willow Kipp and Kylie Coby, have played this season for the Lady Bison team for Salish Kootenai College.
At 5 foot, 7 inches, Kipp plays a two, three or four guard and forward.
Kipp says their entire season has been leading up to AIHEC Tournament that will be in Crow, Mont. this year. The Lady Bison has had 8 wins and 7 losses this season.
Lady Bison Coach Juan Perez said, “Willow brings speed to the team and when gets out on the break not many can keep up with her. Playing at this level always takes some adjustment and I think she is starting to learn what it takes to play past high school.”
Kipp says her experience has been a good one and basketball and school really keeps her busy.
“I have very little time to do other things outside of going to class, going to practice and being home to do my homework,” she says.
Although her commitments may be considered time consuming she feels she has a good foundation and knows her priorities.
“That's what it really comes down to when staying caught up is knowing what my priorities are and managing my time. I do put my studies before basketball and my basketball program has been luckily very supportive,” said Kipp.
She is the daughter of Gerad Kipp and Michelle Guzman and has her sights set on majoring in business.
Coby is 5 foot, 6-inches and is a guard for the team. She is the daughter of Marcus and Amanda Coby.
While Coby has had a busy work schedule, Coach Perez says when she makes it she’s a strong competitor and has done well for the Lady Bison.
“She is learning that playing for SKC means you have to come with your A-game, every game because teams want to beat us, because of our success in the past,” he continued.
The Lady Bison’s next home game is against Aaiiihn Nakoda College at 1 p.m. on Saturday, February 28.