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Friday, 18 April, 2014

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Buckskin wins best bout at Buckskin Gloves Tournament

FORT HALL – Bethany Buckskin, Fort Hall Boxing Club (BC) and Monica Golcia, Rawlins BC won the best bout for 8 to 10 year olds. Buckskin was the victor at the 2014 Buckskin Gloves Boxing April 11-12 at Timbee Hall.
The best bout for Jr. Novice was Michael Kirkmeh, Seattle, Wash. BC defeating Michael Siala State Street, Utah BC; Kirmeh was also named Outstanding Male.
The Best Bout in the Junior Open was Ishmael Arroyo, Vista Pal BC defeating Austyn Broncho, Eagle Hawk BC. Outstanding Junior fight went to Jose Malgar, SSL Pal BC defeating George Olivas, Razors Edge BC.
Best Female Bout was Raven Abeta, Rawlins BC defeating Karla Machurra, KO Rats BC; Abeta was also named Outstanding Female.
Outstanding Sr. Open Bout was V. Morales defeating Johnathan Martinez.
The following are results from Friday, April 11:
Bethany Buckskin, Fort Hall BC defeated Lizibeth Garcia, Rawling BC, Wyo.
Javy Melgar, SSL PAL BC, Utah defeated Pedro Avilez, KO Rats.
Monica Garcia, Rawling BC, Wyo. defeated Raylicia Rodriguez, Fort Hall BC with a split decision.
Sebastian Garcia, SSL PAL BC, Utah defeated Brandon Cabellero, Rawling BC, Wyo. with a TKO.
Michael Duggan, Hamilton BC, Mont. defeated Dakota Pawson, Gonzalez BC.
Ruben Manrajos, KO Rats defeated Talon Saiz, Eagle Hawk BC in a unanimous decision.
Nadiya Anzona, Louise BC, Utah defeated Tessa Walker, Fort Hall BC in a unanimous decision. Vince Moralez, KO Rats defeated Johnathan Martinez, Louise BC, UT in a unanimous decision.
Mike Kirkham, Seattle, Wash. defeated Michael Siala, State Street BC in a unanimous decision.
Crip Davonport, Helena Eagles BC defeated Owen Polatis, Eagle Hawk BC in a unanimous decision.
Alex Cabellera, Rawling BC, Wyo. defeated Kyler Anderson with a split decision.
Jose Melgar, SSL PAL BC, Utah defeated Storm Pawson, Gonzalez BC in a unanimous decision.
Cody Woslager, Helena Eagles BC defeated Kalen Hammond, Eagle Hawk BC.
Austin Hale, Hamilton BC, Mont. matched up against Pablo Garcia, SSL PAL BC, Utah; results unavailable.
Results for Saturday, April 12 are as follows:
Cyera Moor, Montana BC defeated Taryn Saiz Eagle Hawk BC.
Raylicia Rodriguez, Fort Hall BC defeated Madilyn Wynne, WKC Ponduray Valley.
Lizabeth Garcia, Rawlins BC defeated Irene Guardado, KO Rats BC.
Body Baker, KC BC defeated Javy Melgar, SSL Pal BC.
Alberto Olivas, Razors Edge BC defeated Pedro Avelez, KO Rats BC.
Praxton White, KC BC defeated Jett Baker, Gate City BC.
Maria Moor, Montana BC defeated Niyomi Oliva, Fort Hall BC.
Val Akkazaskov, Vista Pal BC defeated Joe Shuelle, Rawlins BC.
Michael Duggan, Hamilton BC defeated Anthony Rawson, Rawlins BC.
Anthony Garrett, Gate City BC defeated Kyler Anderson KC BC.
Ruben Manrajos, KO Rats BC defeated Talon Saiz, Eagle Hawk BC.
Wylie Tibbits, Gonzales BC defeated Kalen Hammons, Fort Hall BC.
Owen Palatis, Eagle Hawk BC defeated Keone Gumatotao, Gate City BC.
Derel Pederson, Montana BC defeated Pablo Garcia, Wyo. BC.


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Teen tourney concession
Teen tourney concession deadline is Friday, April 18 by noon and the minimum bid is $250.
Downstairs will be locked
Downstairs will be locked at 7 p.m. daily to prevent vandalism and loitering. If you come to work out please find a staff member and we will be glad to let you in.
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Timbee Hall is open Monday through Thursday from 6:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.



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