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Teton plays for Blackfoot girls varsity

Sho-Ban News
POCATELLO — On January 16, the Blackfoot Broncos played on the home court of the Pocatello Indians. The game began around 7:30 p.m. as friends and families cheered from the sidelines. During the first quarter, the Pocatello Indians would get a head of the Blackfoot Broncos in points, and by second quarter, the score was 16-10, Blackfoot behind. The Broncos would stay behind but were quickly catching up, by halftime the score was 28-21, Blackfoot still behind. After halftime the Broncos would work hard to catch to the Indians, and by the end of the third quarter, the Broncos were only three points behind with a score of 35-32. In the end, the Broncos would be defeated 46-40, Pocatello Indians taking the win.
Raedeyn Teton is a junior at Blackfoot High School. Teton is a member of the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes and is the only Tribal member playing on varsity.

Friday, 23 January, 2015

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Sho-Ban Lady Chief Jodie Callahan battles for the ball in the Rockland game. (Joseph Wadsworth photo)

Sho-Ban Chiefs & Lady Chiefs fall to Rockland Bulldogs

Coach Barfuss hopes to get the team back on track

FORT HALL — The Sho-Ban Chiefs lost to the Rockland Bulldogs 71 to 62 January 20 at home.
It was their fourth loss in a row and the Chiefs are now 7-4 on the season and 4-3 in conference. Sho-Ban coach Jeff Barfuss said they played hard in the first half but didn’t play the way they wanted in the second. “Once we get Ethan Tendore back it will improve our post game,” he said. Tendore was injured in the game at Bancroft.
Their next two games are at home Leadore January 23 and Clark County January 24.
Chaylen Perdash scored 20 points for the Chiefs; Braxton Johnson added 16 points; Kilee Bache 14 points; Jalen Larkin 6 points; Sinjin Reyes 4 points; Kiel Sabori 2 points. John Osborne, Jordan Osborne, Keenan Tendoy, Sterling Farmer, Dallen Yokoyama and Lane Sequints didn’t score.
Rex Permann sank 33 points for Rockland. Zach Freeman added 14 points; Spencer Permann 11 points; Mitch Mingo 3 points; Nick Mingo, Trevor Lee and Tyler Rupe each had 2 points; Justin Robinson 1 point. Travis Robinson, Skylar Smith, Brendan Tomlinson and Jordan Lowder didn’t score.
Challis Vikings 82, Sho-Ban Chiefs 57
The Sho-Ban Chiefs were called for four technical fouls in the loss to the Challis Vikings 82 to 57 in Challis. Sho-Ban was called for 30 team fouls compared to 11 on Challis.
Sho-Ban Coach Jeff Barfuss said they didn’t start fast like they needed to and they didn’t play like they wanted to. “We had a rough week and look forward to making this week a lot better.”
Barfuss said since his accident on Christmas day he has been in a wheelchair and he thinks it has thrown the team for a loop. “I think me not standing and delivering my messages and thoughts made it so me and players weren’t on the same page and not on top of our game.”
The coach hopes to be out of his wheelchair by Friday’s game so he and the team can be back to playing like Sho-Ban can.
He said none of the technicals were deserved but concerning the lopsided fouls, it should be expected when they play a high-pressure defense.
Chaylen Perdash scored 18 points for Sho-Ban; Kilee Bache 9 points; Kiel Sabori 8 points; Braxton Johnson 7 points; John Osborne 5 points; Jalen Larkin and Sinjin Reyes 4 each; Lane Sequints 2. Ethan Tindore, Jordan Osborne, Keenan Tendoy, Sterling Farmer and Dallon Yokoyama didn’t score.
For Challis, Brandon Hamilton sank 34 points; Scott Farr 17 points; Tommy Herrick 18 points; Jacob Olson 8 points; Tristen Stillabaugh 4 points; Logan Evans 1 point. Will Mjujen, Tyler Provence, Cesar Reyes, RJ Cotant and M. Phelps didn’t score.
Mackay Miners 70, Sho-Ban Chiefs 55
Sho-Ban led until the fourth quarter when Mackay pulled ahead and won the game 70 to 55 January 16.
Braxton Johnson led the Chiefs in scoring with 25 points including 6 three pointers. Chaylen Perdash added 17 points; Kilee Bache 5 points; Sinjin Reyes 4 points; Kiel Sabori 3 points; Sterling Farmer 2 points. Ethan Tindore, Jalen Larkin, John Osborne, Jordan Osborne, Keenan Tendoy, Dallon Yokoyama and Lane Sequints didn’t score.
Naylan Whitworth scored 16 points for Mackay; Pat Magee 15 points; Wes Roscoe and Jacob Green each had 12 points; Justin Johnson 10 points; Andy Gregory 5 points; Klancy Krenka, Eli Buckwalter, Kobe Marinac, Drew Winters and Daniel Nuttall didn’t score.
North Gem 70, Sho-Ban Chiefs 64
The North Gem Cowboys handed the Sho-Ban Chiefs their first loss of the season 70 to 64 January 14 in Bancroft.
Braxton Johnson led the Chiefs in scoring with 27 points. Chaylen Perdash added 19 points. Kilee Bache 10 points; Ethan Tendore 5 points; John Osborne 2 points; Kiel Sabori 1 point.  Sinjin Reyes, Jordan Osborne, Keenan Tendoy, Sterling Farmer, Dallon Yokoyama and Lane Sequints didn’t score.
Tucker Lish poured in 26 points for the Cowboys; Karson Lloyd added 16 points; Jay Sievers 13 points; Colby Hatch 6 points; Tristin Hatcher 4 points; Walker Davias 2 points. Nathan Christensen, Brayden Jensen, Tyler Perkins, Brandon Lloyd, Jacob Lish and Steve Parker didn’t score.

Lady Chiefs win one, lose three games in past week

FORT HALL — The Sho-Ban Lady Chiefs lost to the Rockland Lady Bulldogs 71 to 37 at home January 20.
They now face Leadore Mustangs and Clark County Lady Bobcats on January 23 and 24 respectively at home.
Shayla Johnson scored 20 points for the Lady Chiefs; Carla Arellano had 8 points; Talia Galloway 5 points; Jawana Graves and Adelia Preacher each scored 2 points. Shonda Dominguez, Leticia Ahuatzi, NiDea Martin, Khailee Adakai, Cree Dominguez, Sincere Martin, Jodie Callahan, Destiny Thomas and Nova didn’t score.
Mesa Farr poured in 21 points for Rockland; Stefani McClanahan 18 points; Aspen Obrien 12 points; Kariena Turnbeaugh and number 44- 6 points each; Jessi Lish 4 points; number 34 and 31 (no names listed) 2 points each. Riley Jensen, Sydney Jensen, Meagan Miller, Katie Spillett and number 32 didn’t score.
Challis 67, SB Lady Chiefs 33
The Sho-Ban Lady Chiefs lost to the Challis Lady Vikings 67 to 33 January 17 in a non-conference game on the road.
Shayla Johnson led Sho-Ban in scoring with 15 points; Carla Arellano added 8 points; Jawanna Graves 5 points; Leticia Ahuatzee 3 points; NiDea Martin 2 points.
Kaylee Olsen was high scorer for Challis with 15 points; Vanessa Bruno and Abby Sensabaugh each had 11 points; Emily Whitworth 6 points; Tara Chamberlain, Kacie Hewitt, Kaitlyn Ames and Joanna Campbell each scored 4 points; Brielle Sheppeard and Chantelle Schwenke each had 3 points; Jenna Nelson and Laura Parkinson each with 1 point.
Mackay Miners 66, SB Lady Chiefs 28
The Sho-Ban Lady Chiefs fell to the Mackay Lady Miners 66 to 28 January 16 at home.
NiDea Martin led the Lady Chiefs with 6 points; Talia Galloway 5 points; Leticia Ahuatzee and Shayla Johnson each had 4 points; Carla Arellano 3 points; Shonda Dominguez, Sincere Martin and Adelia Preacher each scored 2 points. Jawanna Graves, Jodie Callahan, Khailee Adakai and Cree Dominguez didn’t score.
Cheyan J. led the Lady Miners with 25 points; Chelbee Roesnkrance added 15; Libby Moorman 13 points; Kali Gamett 6 points; Morgan Betzer 4 points; Katrina S. 3 points; and Zoe Barnhard 2 points. Nicole Ibarra, Maysa Lanier, Alayna Smith, Hailey H. and Jenna L. didn’t score.
SB Lady Chiefs 49, North Gem 36
The Sho-Ban Lady Chiefs defeated the North Gem Lady Cowboys 49 to 36 January 14 on the road in Bancroft.
Shayla Johnson scored 20 points in the effort for the Lady Chiefs; Jawana Graves scored 9 points; Jodie Callahan added 7 points; Talia Galloway had 5 points; NiDea Martin 2 points. Carla Arellano, Shonda Dominguez, Leticia Ahuatzee, KiRae Gonzales, Khailee Adakai and Destiny Thomas didn’t score.
For North Gem Edie Christensen scored 12 points; Keedrin McBride 11 points; Kaylee Simmons 4 points; Justice Skeem 3 points; Leslie Carevo 2 points. Grace Maxwell 1 point. Shae Donaldson, Claire Van Pelt, Meghan McCulloch, Kaylee Don Perkins, and Lexee Henry didn’t score.

Fort Hall boxers pictured with coaches at the Silver Gloves Championships in Nampa. (Submitted photo)

Boxers compete in Nampa

NAMPA — Fort Hall Boxing, along with Eagle Hawk Boxing Club was invited to participate in the 2015 Regional Silver Gloves Championships in Nampa January 16 and 17.
This was a two-day event, which kicked off with weigh-ins on Friday, January 16, at 8 a.m. followed by a coaches meeting at 11 a.m.
Friday Night Bout Card: There were seven elimination bouts on the card.
Austin Broncho of Eagle Boxing Club lost his match to Israel Alveraz of Washington. The winner advanced to Saturday night Championship round.
Match bouts Friday: There were 12 match bouts on the card after the elimination fights were done.
Bethany Buckskin of Fort Hall Boxing Club was defeated by Monica Garcia of Wyoming.
Rian Pokibro of Fort Hall Boxing Club won her match against Jackline Garcia of Wyoming.
Talon Saiz of Eagle Hawk Boxing Club lost his match to Hector Jimenez of Nampa, Idaho.
Saturday night bout card: Nampa had 16 match bouts that night, along with 12 Championship bouts on the card.
Bethany Buckskin of Fort Hall Boxing Club lost her match to Lizbeth Garcia of Wyoming.
Rose Evening of Fort Hall Boxing Club lost her match by TKO in the third round to Saqoya Wight of KC Boxing Club.
Kia Pokibro of Fort Hall Boxing Club won her match against Anzhelika Akkazebero of Vista Boxing Club.
Jessica Edmo of Fort Hall Boxing Club won her match by TKO in the first round against Carlee Kranzer of Vista Boxing Club.
Rian Pokibro of Fort Hall Boxing Club won her match against Anahl Bermudez of Nampa.
Reesha Pokibro of Fort Hall Boxing Club won her match against Dawntaya Stace.
Talon Saiz of Eagle Hawk Boxing Club was awarded a medal for his win in his weight division for Silver Gloves Championships. The win advances him to Silver Gloves Championships in Kansas.


Chavez gives back to kids on Northern Cheyenne rez

BUSBY, Mont. — In Indian Country, basketball is king and the players who serve that master are often treated like royalty and as local legends.
Several Indian Montana ball players were formally recognized at the "Calling of the Legends" December 2014 at the Crow Tribe sponsored All Indian Shootout Tournament at the Billings Metra Park, an annual pre-season event pitting teams from area Indian schools against one another for coveted trophies and bragging rights.
Each school participating in the tournament selected an honoree. Those so honored included : Charlie Ereaux, Gros Ventre-Assiniboine; Dean Allen, Assiniboine; Garren Goes Ahead, Crow; Oliver Flying, Northern Cheyenne; Gordon Realbird, Jr., Crow; Larry Prettyweasel, Crow; Gordon Realbird, Sr. (deceased), Crow; Elvis Old Bull (deceased), Crow; AJ Long Soldier (deceased), Gros Ventre-Assiniboine; Shawn Shambo (deceased) Gros Ventre-Assiniboine and Mike Chavez, Northern Cheyenne/Crow.
Chavez, age 31 was selected for the honoring by Northern Cheyenne Tribal Schools (NCTS), Busby, Mont. where he is currently head boys and assistant girls basketball coach, giving back to the sport and "Rez" kids who are like he used to be.
He explained that NCTS is still extremely proud of its 1971 Class C State Championship Team. "We could have selected any of those players," Chavez noted "but we settled on Oliver because he was such a force in independent ball and in the community. Flying also recently suffered amputation of a leg, effectively ending his ball career although he was still known to frequent the courts well into his sixties."
Chavez shared the athletic accomplishments which earned him basketball "legend" status from his peers. "It didn't come easy," he stressed. "It was a lot of time on the court, many hours of practice, often by myself. But I always tell my students that if I could do it - just a regular kid from the Rez- they can do it too."
When in the 8th grade, basketball kept him sane, Chavez recalls. His Crow father and Cheyenne mother had split up and the young man found himself living with his mother, step father Joseph Still Smoking and siblings in a half-way house in the remote community of Heart Butte on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. "It was in an old gym," he explained. "There was nothing much to do, so I spent the hours practicing, mostly by myself."
Those hours paid off when Chavez started high school, playing for Heart Butte, Class C and then Browning, Class A. The 6'7" forward earned an impressive number of high school awards. A varsity starter all four years, he was voted Most Valuable Player (MVP) at the State Tournament for three years (playing for Heart Butte in 2000 and 2001 and for Browning in 2002). He was a key player for three State Champion Teams, Heart Butte twice and Browning once. A four year All-State player, he was also voted the USA Today Montana Player of the Year three years in a row (2000, 2001 and 2002).
After graduation in 2002, Chavez was heavily recruited, accepting a full-ride scholarship at the University of Montana, playing four years for the Montana Grizzlies. "The first thing recruiters asked for was my transcripts," says the now high school basketball coach. "I was lucky to have the support to keep good grades, averaging about a 3.0 G.P.A. I remind my players about how important this is."
Though he obtained a BS degree in anthropology in 2007, college was not a walk in the park for Chavez. "I messed up early on," he explained "but Coach Larry Krystkowiak gave me a second chance as did Coach Wayne Tinkle. They had a great appreciation for Native culture and actively supported me. I did everything they said and it worked out. We're still friends to this day." Krystkowiak went on to coach for the Milwaukee Bucks while Tinkle is now at Oregon State, Pack 12 Conference.
Chavez was a Grizzly player in the 2006 NCAA tournament (March Madness) in Salt Lake City where Montana defeated Nevada before losing out to Boston College. "I never thought I'd get to play on national T.V." he smiled. While at the U of M, Chavez was selected for the All-Decade Grizzly Team, the result of a fan poll to select the top ten basketball players for the 2000-2010 decade.
After college, Chavez became one of the talented and lucky players to actually make a living playing professional ball. He was one of a few Americans playing for the Latin Pro League in Mexico and turned down the opportunity to play in Denmark. He also played for the CBA, the Great Falls Explorers, a minor league for the NBA, traveling all over the country.
Following that he taught at St. Charles Mission School, Pryor, Mont. for a year and then coached at the Little Big Horn College, Crow Agency, NJCAA Division 1. Then an old friendship with Frank Norunner, NCTS Superintendent led him to Busby. Norunner, Blackfeet tribal member has known Chavez since he was a Browning Indians star. "Frank suggested that it was time to start something new, to give back and help these Rez kids out." Chavez said. "That's how I came to Busby. The students are no different than I was at that age."
As NCTS coach, Chavez sees young players with raw talent that need discipline with hard work. "I tell them to play every day. Put the cell phone down, log out of Facebook. There is no secret to success except lots of hard work and time on the court. I know from personal experience that coaches can make a huge difference in a young person's life."
Coach Chavez also stresses "Grades, grades, grades. I tell my players that a 3.0 - 3.5 GPA is necessary if they want to go on to college. And, I also tell these student-athletes (emphasis on student) that there are people at all the colleges who will help them. They just need to ask for help and believe that these people want to see them be successful."'
NCTS principal, Teresa McMakin commented "He demands a lot of discipline, but the kids all love him. He is very motivational to them."
Though off to a slow start, Chavez has high expectations for the Busby Eagles this year. "If we can also keep them working hard in the classroom, we will be a force." he predicts.
Chavez is the son of the late Pete Chavez, Crow Agency and Maryanne Bighead, Ashland, Mont.
(Clara Caufield can be reached at acheyennevoice@gmail.com) Copyright permission Native Sun News


Recreation News

Kids small business class
Marcia Racehorse Robles will instruct a small business class for kids 12 and older with the first class Monday, January 26 at 5 p.m. downstairs in Timbee Hall. Kids will learn how to make extra money, how to run a business, money handling, starting a savings account and learning job habits. Participants will also learn what it takes to get a job, interests, being creative with their on skills and much more. Class lasts six weeks. Sign up in the Recreation office.
Junior League basketball
Junior league basketball for 12 to 14 year olds begins January 17. Sign up in the Recreation office.
Boys and Girls Clubs meet on Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m. Sign up in the Recreation office. Girls club will be going to Lava Hot Springs. Sign up in the Recreation office.
Dance fitness for kids
Dance fitness for kids is every Tuesday and Thursday from 7 to 8 p.m. Instructor is Toni Rodriguez.
Adult arts and crafts
Adult arts and crafts is Tuesday and Thursday at 7 p.m. Please leave your children home.
Children’s arts and crafts are Tuesday at 6 p.m.
Zumba classes are Monday through Friday from 12:10 to 1 p.m. Basketball players must wait until 1 p.m. to use the court.
Timbee Hall hours
Winter hours are Monday to Thursday 6:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. Friday 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sundays from 1 to 5 p.m.